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About Us

Yunke was founded in Germany with the aim of creating a distinctive handcrafted chase & repousse tool to satisfy the most demanding professional. After many years of experience in jewelry making, we developed a tool to fit our needs in this field. Yunke tools are individually handcrafted, with hardened and tempered  high quality carbon steel. All of our tools are made in our traditional workshop which is currently based in Spain. Our main priorities are originality, longevity and quality, not quantity. We only develop a limited and exclusive amount of our tools.

Out tools

Our tools are made from high quality carbon tool steel. Yunke tools are handcrafted using traditional methods combined with modern procedures. Every tool is hardened and tempered  to give generations of use and assure maximum performance.  Our tool is approximately 110mm (4,33 in ) long. A wide range of shapes and sizes allow the professional or beginner to find the precise tool, from the finest detail on jewelry to larger pieces. We carefully hand work the final fit and finish of each tool.  Besides working on repousse and chase metals, Yunke tools could be used for stamping, textures, embossing on metal, clay, leather, etc…

Our special tempering

After hardening, the tool becomes very hard but also brittle. Tempering reduces that brittleness. To absorb the impact of the hammer without danger of rupture  it will have to be “tempered”. This second heating process reduces the hardness a little but toughens the steel. It also significantly reduces the brittleness of the steel so that it does not break easily.   Through this process the tool gains toughness, springiness, more resiliency.

We make a special tempered in three parts, after this handcrafted process we get a tool with three hardnesses. The tool is stronger at the tip, soft in the middle and medium on the top where you strike with hammer.