• Image of Additional Shapes Set AS#02
  • Image of Additional Shapes Set AS#02
  • Image of Additional Shapes Set AS#02

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The Additonal shapes set made by Yunke is formed by 18 pieces. This set is comprised of very small standard shapes for work on jewelry scale, as well as special shapes in different sizes. made from high quality carbon tool steel, Yunke tools are handcrafted using traditional methods combined with modern procedures. Every tool is hardened and tempered to give generations of use and ensure maximum performance. Our tools are approximately 110mm (4,33 in ) long. We put careful hand work into the final fit and finish of each tool. In addition to work on repousse and chasing metals , Yunke tools could be used as well to make stamping, textures, embossing on metal clay, clay, leather, etc...

This set includes:

2 Straight Liner/Tracers ( 2,5 mm / 5mm )
1 Round Nose Liner/Tracers ( 2,5mm )
1 Curved Liner/Tracer ( 2,5mm )
1 Rectangular Embosser ( 4x3mm )
1 Stippling Punch ( 1mm )
1 round Texture Matting Tool (6mm)
1 Square Texture Matting Tool ( 3,5 x 3,5mm )
2 Teardrop Smooth ( 6mm / 5mm)
2 Triangle Planisher ( 6mm / 4mm)
3 Oval Embossers ( 3mm / 4mm / 5mm)
1 Square Embosser ( 4mm)
2 Undercutting Tools (5mm / 4mm)

IMPORTANT: Due to this tool is made by hand, there may be small variations in form and size.

Long shanks: Approx. 110mm ( 4,33 in ).

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